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Puisi di bawah ini adalah puisi peserta lomba cipta puisi tingkat nasional. Puisi ini telah lolos kurasi dan akan diterbitkan dalam buku yang berjudul,"Find It" 

Hypocritical Friend

You are like some flower,

Flowers blooming in hell

Your face looks very good,

Your actions looks very polite in front of me,

But your heart is very rotten

In the past,

You see him seeking attention to me,

You see him trying to take my love,

You see him always calling my name so happily,

You see him always joking and talking with me,

And you see me always smiling and laughing at him

And then,

You tried to stolen all my happiness indirectly.

After that,

You tried not to do the action of a friend’s dining companion

But in reality,

You have already done the action,

So, why you not to continue the action?

Why you stop the relationship with him?

I didn’t expect that you was such a cruel friend to me.

If you want to an apologize to me,

I already forgive all your mistakes,

Although the incident has already happened in my life.

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